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P. cubensis / Albino Melmac ( Thrasher )



P. cubensis. Strain: Albino Melmac (Thrasher)

The Melmac strain is  for people who are looking to have a full psychedelic experience. It is a very potent mutation of a Psilocybe Cubensis variety, possibly Amazon Cubensis, that is rumoured to be engineered by the famous entheogenic mycologist/enthobotanist Terence McKenna.

The Melmac strain is touted to be the original Penis Envy, now part of the True Albino Teacher lineage, isolated for its strong mutants. Results show that this variety contains over 2% tryptamine content. By comparison, the average Psilocybe Cubensis mushroom contains between 0.6 and 0.8% tryptamine content.

It’s characteristics are similar to Penis envy, and It’s coloration reflects its potency, as many mushrooms are heavily bruised blue (a function of higher psilocybin content).

Users often report vivid, intense visual stimulation, profound feelings of euphoria, and deep introspection or philosophical ideations.

We recommend that you do not mix our products with alcohol, as it dulls the experience.

We also recommend starting at the medium experience level if you have not tried magic mushrooms before, as the visuals can be quite intense and harder to handle for inexperienced users. Set and setting are extremely important for a positive experience. We also highly encourage people to have a guide or sitter if they are new to psychedelics.

*Note: psychedelics at high dosage are non-specific amplifiers and may not be suitable for those with anxiety conditions. Antidepressants will nullify the effects of psychedelics for many people.

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