At MAITRI, we want our community to be informed of the therapeutic benefit of psilocybin containing mushrooms when the appropriate dose is consumed; they must be treated with respect and held closely as sacred tools. 

Here are a few important dose-related points to consider:

  – Dosing can vary from person to person and is not strictly dependent on body weight.

  – Alcohol, cannabis, antidepressants and other drugs can affect the user’s experience with psilocybin.


Start with a small dose and wait 30-45 minutes. If a deeper experience is desired, we recommend having an additional small dose.


30-45 minutes and the duration is typically 3-4 hours.


Set and Setting – Psilocybin containing mushrooms can make you sensitive to stimuli, securing your environment ahead of time is recommended. 

Consider the following:

  • soft soothing sounds or music
  • comfortable clothing and natural fabrics
  • surrounding yourself with people you trust
  • venturing to a well-known/calm place in nature

As Introspection, flow states, and heightened creativity are common during a psilocybin experience we recommend:

  • keeping a journal (ODIN Microdosing Journal) and pen close by to capture significant insights to reflect on later for therapeutic benefit
  • having your music playlists selected, crafting supplies at hand, and a blank canvas to express yourself
  • preparing your movement or meditation space
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