MAITRI (may-tree) means LOVING KINDNESS.

About Us

2019 Was an exceptionally challenging year for me. In addition to my personal experience with anxiety, depression and isolation from the global pandemic, I could also feel the collective suffering so strongly. As an empathic and highly sensitive individual the shift toward fear, addictive behaviours and loss was too much. Having previously tried pharmaceutical agents and talk therapy, I knew these methods were not the answer for me, so I looked further to a more natural and healing approach. I discovered massive benefits from microdosing with psilocybin containing mushrooms. The effect of taking a microdose was subtle but uplifting and over time I found my demeanour had really shifted. I knew one thing, I had to get this out there and in a way that spoke to the science, safety and efficacy. This was where the idea for MAITRI Lifestyle Brand started, from my own life and my own loving kindness for self and other.   – MAITRI co-creator 

In Buddhist teaching MAITRI is the meditation practice of cultivating unconditional love toward oneself so this love can be emitted onto all other beings and creations of nature. The meditation practice of MAITRI is rooted in positive affirmations for self and other, such as ‘may I be loved’ or ‘may you be at ease’. It offers freedom from paralyzing fear and depression and a return to connection and alignment with truth.

For us, these same sentiments ring true in our understanding of and experience with MUSHROOMS. Medicinal and psychoactive mushrooms have been utilized by different medicine peoples to heal body, mind and spirit for generations. Their mycelial networks, just as they connect fungi to other species, also act as a web connecting us to one another and to nature. 

It is with so much love that we offer to you MAITRI LIFESTYLE BRAND

Maitri Meditation

Soothe your mind, fill your heart, and relax your body with a simple Loving Kindness Meditation.

10 mins

Recommended Books & Films

We have catalogued a list of books that can provide great support and insight into the fascinating world of psychedelic plants/fungi.

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“Mushrooms are like a vitamin, they affect every system of the body in a predominantly positive way”

– Dr. Fadiman

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