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Hand crafted with expert care, MAITRI Dual Extract Tinctures, unlock the powerful and potent compounds found within medicinal mushrooms, along with adaptogenic herbs to give you the support you need throughout your day.

* These Tinctures do not contain Psilocybin.

“My experience with using these products has been very positive.  The quality is very high and the intentionality is what I believe creates such a remarkably effective one experience.  

I have worked with each of the products myself and now I am using the products with my some of my clients.  In every account, each client has experienced a brighter outlook on life and it has helped them to do deeper inner work in a more effective way.  True healing requires a holistic approach of body mind and spirit.   The Maitri products assist in all of these levels through the various applications of their products. 

I am very happy to have these products as part of my practice.  “

Brandy S. Victoria, BC

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